ETIQUETTE FOR NON NUDIST about nudism lifetyle

There are so many groups out there for dating, sex, pornography, voyeurism, exhibitionist, (incest and other perversions), etc, so why would someone who falls into the aforementioned categories join a nudist group? I can only assume it's because they are ignorant as what nudism/naturism is really about. So, to help some of you out, I have provided some basic guidelines -- something a true nudist would inherently understand and would not have to have spelled out for them.

#1 Nudism is not about sex. It is repeat that, NUDISM IS NOT ABOUT SEX! If you cannot understand this concept or have difficulty distinguishing the difference in a naked body being an expressed attitude of acceptance and equality apart from sexual connotations then you are in the wrong group. Nudism is about focusing on the person inside not the exterior. It's about the person's essence and spirit not about their body and sex.

#2 When commenting on a picture or post (male or female), it is not appropriate to use words like - "babe," "sexy," "honey," and it is crude to tell someone things like, "take it off", "show more" or "I wish I could see you naked." It is equally concerning and rude to comment on a person's particular body parts especially genitalia (penises, vaginas, breast, nipples ).

#3. Offering to show your penis, or to say things like, "I want to lick it", or you're getting "turned on" is truly disgusting! Making such vulgar comments makes you nothing more than a creepy pervert and again illustrates a lack of comprehension of true nudism.

#4. Proper responses to a person's picture or post would be; nice, great picture, or questions to show interest such as, Where are you from?

#5. Soliciting others with comments like "add me" or to ask for them to inbox you private nudes is not only inappropriate, it also makes you look desperate! This seems to be a big problem whenever a post of a woman is pictured ... Guys can't you find dates on your own without having to harass and solicit women in this group? This is not a dating site, there are plenty of dating groups out there if you're looking for love or sex. Another little tip that might help some of you ... If you would not go up to a clothed stranger or a clothed woman you just met saying the type of things you are saying here, then why would you think it's OK to say them to a unclothed person? The only reason can be is that you are not a nudist, you are either a pervert or you do not understand the difference between nudism and sex... which takes us back to point #1 - NUDISM IS NOT SEX!

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