Methods of Promoting the Acceptance of Nudist Lifestle  Faster than is currently Happening


Here we share the article about how to promote nudist lifestyle from others.

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This outline is to discuss ways to promote the acceptance of social nudism by the general public quicker than is happening now, or to reverse some of the misconceptions that are happening in the minds of the public regarding nudism.  Below we will keep track of ALL ideas we come up with in this group in order to not rehash the same idea over and over.  We can continue to discuss an idea for as long as needed, but we need to only bring it up once unless there is reason to bring it up again.

Idea- Create a nationwide advertising campaign

I would love to see more advertising aimed at educating the public about what the nudist lifestyle is really about and to get more people to simply accept others lifestyles without judging them, even if they don’t fully understand it.  This could also be used to get new people to try the nudist lifestyle.

Subjects& themes that advertising could cover are many including:

·  Positive body acceptance

·  Being more in tune with nature

·  The freedom & liberation of not wearing clothes

·  The health benefits

·  Children are NOT harmed by growing up in a nudist household

·  Nudism is NOT about sex

·  Nude bodies are not shameful

·  Nude bodies are not sinful

·  It is not against the law to be nude outside in private areas

·  Your ideas?

Funding is needed

Obviously, in order to institute advertising campaign of any kind requires money.  So that would be a large part of making this happen.  Funding can come from many sources including private individuals, businesses, sales of merchandise, etc. 

Ways of raising money for this cause

We could raise money in various ways such as:

·  Crowdfunding

·  Private Donations

·  Memberships

·  Business donations

·  Sale of merchandise

·  Advertising on our website

Will this be a business, Non Profit, private group, or?

My initial ideas are that it will be a nonprofit group. 

Who will run this new group

Again, as with most decisions in this group, I’m open to ideas.  But my initial feeling is we will have a board of directors.  But I hope we can do this with volunteers so as to avoid a payroll.  Or that the directors would work for a very fair, but small fee.  And as a group, using input from the group as a whole, we will fashion a plan of action for the group to accomplish our goals in the best way possible.  I want as much of the money raised as possible to go toward the ad campaigns.  There will be some expenses to do all this and that will have to be covered first, then remaining $ to go towards advertising.

How Funding may be used to accomplish this

Some initial thoughts for how to use the money are:

·  PSA (public service ads) Ads.  These could be billboards in larger areas, bus stop seat signs, newspaper ads, radio and possibly TV. 

·  We could put together some very nice Tri Fold brochures, single page flyers, business cards, bumper stickers, T-Shirts, etc.  that can be handed out at fairs, mailed to people, etc.  Contributors of any amount over $10.00 would automatically get a bumper sticker, or window decal, some literature, etc.

·  Website with an FAQ, etc


In summary, this is not meant to replace the TNS nor the AANR, but instead it’s more of a grassroots movement to fun advertising to reach and educate more of the public since we feel this is an area that can use much more work to help change the negative attitudes of the US citizens and lawmakers.

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