Nudist Dating Tips
All the best in finding your nudist soul mate and friends

Read profiles from top to bottom. If in the member's description they write continuously about sex, and sex partners, they are not "true nudists". Nudism is not about sex and erotica. Read what they say about the nudist lifestyle. That should tell you something right away. If you find someone interesting, and they are local and a nudist, meet them at a nudist club. You'll feel safe because your friends are there in an environment you are familiar with. All the best in finding your nudist soul mate and friends.
Barbeque Safety

If, as a guy, you choose to invite the lady over for a barbeque date, do things safely.
1. It may defeat the purpose of a nude date, but wear an apron while cooking at all times. Nothing spoils the mood of a relaxing, romantic date like having to apply burn cream.
2. Prepare the salad before the lady arrives. Nonchalantly slicing a cucumber on a low counter while you are chatting can have dire consequences. (Refer to #1 - put apron on!)
3. Only cook steaks, chops, chicken, or fish. DO NOT COOK SAUSAGES FOR THE DATE!
There is no need risk comparison between meats. Also, if you forgot your apron you may turn the wrong sausage while chatting. Steaks are a safe bet.
4. Always include beetroot with the salad. It is sweet and you can't beat a root.
Choosing a good place for the first date

It's not always good to take your first date to a nudist place. Show the inerest that you have that person by going to a normal place to actually get to know each other and listen to music and go dancing or maybe a movie. Earn the respect of the other person so they will feel comfortable with you anywhere not just there.
Common sense tips for those having a nude first date

For most of us, dating is a fun and exciting experience. It is something that we look forward to with much anticipation. Dating nude can be equally rewarding although it brings up a complete set of safety concerns not all present in most other first dates as, unless you have decided to date in a nudist resort, it will be not be possible to have a nude "cup of coffee" or a nude "dinner" in a public place.
Also, when first dating someone that you met online, you and your date may not want to give out much personal information before your date. You may not even feel comfortable giving out your real name until you get to know your date. Regardless, here is a list of some common sense things that you can do to feel more safe so that your nude dating experience will hopefully be a fun one:
1. When possible, date a "Verified Nudist." This individuals true identity is a matter of public record on this website.
2. If you will not be dating a Verified Nudist, it is best to obtain at least one photo of your future date prior to your meeting where his or her face is clearly visible. Several different identifying photos are better.
3. Get a contact phone number before your first date and call your date on this number at least once before your date to verify the number.
4. Meet at a public place. Let's say that you have decided to go to a nude beach. Make sure that this beach is a place where there will be many other people and not some "great private spot" that your date "discovered."
5. Be very suspicious if someone other than the person you have pictured shows up for your date saying that his/her friend, cousin, etc., couldn't make it at the last minute, but that he/she agreed to stand in from them.
6. Have a few exit plans if things aren't going well, not only early in your meeting, but later as well. This could involve taking your own car even if it means following your date's car to your dating location.
7. Tell a trusted friend or family member where you'll be on your date and take a cell phone with you. Arrange to have them call you at a specific time if they have not heard from you.
Some more things to think about:
1. What will you say if your date wants to take revealing nude photos of you? Remember, they could end up on the Internet on any of a number of different types of websites.
2. Some "dates" actually use dating websites to contact potential customers for their webcam and/or sex businesses.
3. It is a good idea never to leave your drink unattended on a first date.
4. Finally, if things seem to be going great, it still goes without saying that one should always have protection available.
Do not tell a woman that you are a nudist at first date

It's not a good idea to tell a woman that you're a nudist at the first date. It may make her uncomfortable. Or even give her the idea that all you want is sex. You have nothing but time. So give it just that.
Dress code for the first nudist date

First date, even for nudists, is most likely to be textile. You shouldn't go to an interview dressed like you're about to clear out asbestos - so dress for total impact and to impress. Make the best of what you've got and disguise what you haven't. That means not wearing tight T-shirts and jumpers that make a beer belly look like you're smuggling a basketball. Be aware of faux pas arrangements such as clashing primary colour, upturned collars, white socks with black shoes and rolling jacket sleeves up to the elbow. It's not 1987! If in doubt go for black, something slimming with a classic look. It's also a good idea to steer clear of any aftershave that might give the impression you've slept with a seal. A well kitted out guy looks as if he not only cares about himself but what the world thinks of him. Humor is also a good way to calm nerves and the combination of both, could be a winner!
First date after breaking up or divorcing

Well the first date after breaking up or divorcing is always going to be tough and nerve wracking. I have found meeting up before getting naked a good idea - maybe for a coffee and a chat and then if you make a match, agree how to go forward together. Maybe somewhere public as a starter though such as a beach or nudist resort. Always need to consider safety though!
Getting to know each other and enjoy the nudist experience

Experience has taught me to get to know new people via nudistfriends mailing system and chat room prior to rushing to meet each other - as tempting as it can be some times. Then exchange e mail addresses and other contact details and gradually build up information and trust in the other person to ensure that they are right for you - and enjoy the nudist experience!
If you are meeting for the first time at a nudist beach

Always meet for the first time somewhere public. Either a shopping centre, or cafe that has high people traffic, if you are meeting at a nudist beach make sure you meet where the greatest number of people are, that way if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable you can get away without any problems.
Make sure you share the same views

Please make sure before you decide to exchange any contact info that you both are on the same page about possibly meeting and what nudism means to each other. While to some nudist being at home nude is all. There is for the others can be nude at all times.
Making sure they're right

Always ensure that your first meeting is in a public place. If you are keen to meet in a nude environment, again, make sure it's either a well used public beach, or a local club that you are familiar with. Always let someone know where you are going and what time you are expected back. Whilst it may sound over the top, you can never really know someone's intentions until you meet them face to face. Being prudent ensures that the outcome will hopefully be fun, exciting, and safe.
Maybe not nudist... initially

You both may be keen nudists, and after all, that's why you've met on a nudist dating site. But is a nudist venue necessarily the best place for a first date? It depends on what each is looking for, but I would suggest that a more conventional approach is advisable for those seeking a meaningful friendship or relationship. While nudism is an important part of our lives, a friendship or relationship is based on lots of other factors and 'getting to know each other' is fundamental at the beginning of any relationship. A first conversation in a caf??, over lunch or out having a walk is the best indicator of how things might progress later on in the relationship, and if all goes well, there'll be plenty of opportunity for those delicious nudist moments soon afterwards!
Meeting nudist for the first time

When meeting someone for the first time I have found it is advisable to meet somewhere neutral, obviously you do not want to share address details, so a pub or other public place like a coffee shop is a good place to start.
Letting a friend know where you are going (both men and women are advised to do this, I think) and being nudist's I do tend to find we are more open initially, but I have met supposed nudists in the past who were defiantly not. Obviously with technology today there are more potions to get to know someone better before meeting in person.
Start with text messaging then speak on the phone in person.... Basically it is all common sense.
Be safe and you may meet the person you have been looking for
Post a decent profile!

A fair few of the profiles seem rather scant on info, to say the least. How is your perfect partner going to know anything about you with just the very little you have posted to go on? We need to see a full profile, a photo or two, they don't have to be nude, but you know, let's see what you look like!!! After all, you know what they say about first impressions! I would suggest you make it clear who you are, where you are, what you're looking for... then we've got something to go on. Come on guys, it's not asking much!!!

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